Arthur Paul Pedersen
Peer-reviewed Articles
"Dilation and Asymmetric Relevance" (with Gregory Wheeler). Forthcoming in Proceedings of Machine Learning Research (PMLR): 2019.

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Finding Foundations for Bounded and Adaptive Rationality (introduction with Ralph Hertwig). Minds and Machines, 26(1-2):2016.

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"A Proof of Completeness for Continuous First-Order Logic" (with Itaï Ben Yaacov). Journal of Symbolic Logic, 75(1): 168-190, March 2010.
Edited Works
Finding Foundations for Bounded and Adaptive Rationality (co-edited with Ralph Hertwig). Minds and Machines. Springer, 2016.
Works in Progress
"Trivialities and Possibilities of Normative Accounting Standards" (with Jack Stecher). Abstract
"Visualizing Dilation" (with Gregory Wheeler). Abstract
"A (Critical) Chronicle of Convexity" (with Isaac Levi, Michael Nielsen, Rush T. Stewart). Abstract
"An Impossibility Result for any Theory of Non-Archimedean Subjective Expected Utility." Abstract
"Representing Conditional Expectations by Non-Archimedean Expectations." Abstract
"Strictly Coherent Preferences, No Holds Barred." Abstract
"Dilation, Disintegrations, Dominance Principles, and Delayed Decisions" (with Gregory Wheeler). Abstract
"Strictly Coherent Choice under Uncertainty." Abstract
"Full Belief and Partial Belief" (for Handbook of Formal Epistemology, R. Pettigrew and J. Weisberg, eds.). Abstract
"Optimal Stopping for Sampling in Decisions from Experience" (with Ralph Hertwig). Abstract
"Descriptive Decision Theory" (for Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, E. Zalta, ed., with Jake Chandler). Abstract
"Vectorial Embeddings in Power Series Fields" (with Salma Kuhlmann).
"The Likelihood Ratio Measure: Some Troubles" (with Otávio Bueno and Yukinori Onishi).
"Truth in Continuous First-Order Logic."